Song, music, and dance have always been a large part of my life. I am so unbelievably happy that everyday I am able to work with something I love! Music and dance have enriched my life in so many different ways.

I was born and raised in Lund in Sweden with some childhood years in Ethiopia, which resulted in my being more curious and receptive to different cultures. I knew early in life that I wanted to be a Dalcroze eurhythmics teacher. From 1982- 1984, I attended the School of Music in Malmö, and then continued at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In 1989 I received my degree as a Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher.

My teaching career began in Stockholm. In 1991, I married Johan and began teaching music majors at the Sjöviks Community college. I continued working there until my son Hugo was born in 1994.
During all the stages of my life, I have made time to sing in or direct different choral groups. After 1996, I began working as a freelance choral director, which gave me the opportunity to work with both gospel and children’s choirs all over Sweden.
In 1989, I helped establish The Master’s Voice (Music College Gospel Choir). I was also the director of this choir from 1996 to 2009. I was greatly inspired by this work. Here I was able to complete the recording of four records, the filming of a live DVD, television performances, theme concerts and numerous tours in Sweden, England, Germany, U.S.A., and Israel. These efforts have given me the opportunity to collaborate with for example Michael Ruff, Tata Vega, Nolan Williams, Jr, Daryl Coley, Carola, Per-Erik Hallin, Erik Tilling, and Bengt Johansson. I have created music with so many wonderful singers and musicians and some of them have even become lifelong friends. I am extremely grateful for this!

In 2001, I decided to begin working with the children’s choirs at The Triangel Church in The Old Enskede . This is not only near my home, but it is also the church that my family and I attend regularly. We have two children’s choirs called Draget and KorsDraget,, plus one youth choir; the Cross Unit.

During 2002- 2006, I worked as the director of Maria Magdalena’s Parish children’s choir in cooperation with Håkan Sandlund. Håkan and I have continued our work together among other things as well; the annual music camp on the island of Gålö and the yearly gospel concert Shout to the Lord.

In 1993, I was also employed as a music teacher at Lindeparken High School for students with special needs and established their music department. I was also active in the creation of YTC; a special class for students interested in music, dance, and theater. I worked at this institution until 2003. After a three years break, I returned to Lindeparken in 2007, and I am working there at this time. I am now teaching only in the special class Y.T.C. where I teach eurhythmic, dance, and music. Together we have produced a quantity of dance and musical shows such as: Havet (Ocean), Vi Är Blommor i Världens Trädgård (We Are Flowers in the World’s Garden), Julspel (Christmas Show), Stockholm i Mitt Hjärta (Stockholm in My Heart), and Våga Vara.(Dare to Be). As part of being an international program we have traveled to China, Poland, Estland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Holland, and England.
My deep interest for the whole person, body,spirit and soul, has lead me to complete a course in christian counceling at Mellansels Community College in 2001, and in 2010, I was certified as a Tikva instructor.
I have danced African Dance for many years, and in January of 2009, I traveled to Ghana where I studied drumming and dancing for several weeks. Upon my return to Sweden, I realized how the African movements corresponded to Gospel music, and so… GOSPEL DANCE, the SANDSOUL way, was born!

In August of 2009, I opened my company, Sandsoul.