Children’s choir days

I can come to you and your children’s choir, or maybe a group of children´s choirs would like to pull together to work with me?
The program consists of, first of all song and dance, but it can even contain group exercises, eurhythmic, relaxation, and drawing / painting. A creative day for all the senses!
During the Children´s Choir Day we can, if it is so desired, work within a certain theme, such as Friendship, Creation, Expensive and Valuable, Thankfulness, Coming Home, The Golden Rule, Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday, The Light That Shines, and My Friend Jesus.
If desired, the day can finish with a concert or a mass.

”There is great warmth and joy in everything Maria does with the children. One gets the feeling that one is a part of something extraordinary In addition they talk and learn about God. In short, I believe that Maria is the world´s best children’s choir director!=)”
Annette Haaland, pastor