Gospel choir days

Maybe you have an existing gospel choir, or maybe many of your parish members are longing to sing gospel? Maybe you want to invite people you know; co-workers, neighbors, and friends and relatives to sing gospel music?!
All of life’s emotions exist within Gospel music, from the deepest pain to jubilant joy! Here one can find Spirit, Soul, and Body. I’m aloud to come before God the way I am.

We sing up beat, sincere and soulfull songs, and we work with timing and sound. Through the expression of both voice and body, we will be able to experience energy, rhythm, and joy. If it seems appropriate, we can also schedule a Gospel Dance session the day! Gospel Dance is a great way to have fun together and to let go of inhibitions! Dancing is also a very good way of centering one’s body and to let go of inner tensions. An important great bonus with dance is that it strengthens the group’s creative expression. We finish off the day/ weekend with a concert or Mass.

Here are some film clips from The Master´s Voice.

“I have had the great joy of singing under the direction of Maria Sandell during my years as a member of the choir, The Master’s Voice. It has been my privilege to take part of Maria’s total engagement, capacity to inspire and her knowledge as choir director. Her communicative and warm way of directing gives each choir member the desire and the courage to give their all.”
Sofia Lilja, song coach ( Idol/TV4)