Inspirational days

I am anxious to be able to work with choirs that want to develop their creative expression and stage presentation. A long term investment for you and your choir!
The day can contain elements of Gospel dance, choreography to songs from your own repertoire, group exercises, movement improvisations, practice with timing, learning a new song, and Tikva. This day has nothing to do with working towards a result. This is a day of experiences where the group has the possibility to develop and have a good time together. Together we can design a program after your choir’s needs.

“With spirit, body and soul Maria inspires and creates enthusiasm through music. She has a unique ability to work with the whole person and the talent to see and take time for every individual in the group. She has a very extensive musical background and a long time experience as choir director for both adults and children. This combined with her ability in the realms of eurhythmics and dance, make me believe that she is one of Sweden’s forerunners in her field.”
Evelina Gard, singer, song writer and song pedagogue