I offer three different workshops for personnel groups working within the arts, students, personnel within schools for students with special needs, day care personnel, and all others who are interested. The program will be fitted according to your needs. We can meet once or more if needed. If you are a teacher, all three workshop forms will supply you with inspiration, group exercises, and ideas that you can later develop into use with your own groups.

1. Dance, Images, and Rhythm

Through the use of dance, painting, drawing, and music we stimulate and promote interaction between our different levels of consciousness, our bodies, our emotions, and the people around us. This is a creative workshop where we express ourselves with dance, pictures, music, and movement in a playful relaxed manner.
I lead this workshop together with Jane Hawes who is an artist, art teacher, creative coach, and art therapist. At the present time, she works with young adults and adults with developmental disabilities. Jane concentrates on working with their abilities instead of disabilities.

2. Expression freestyle

Feelings, dance, music and relaxation. We work with group movement improvisations. As inspiration we use live improvised music as it interacts with our feelings.
This is a workshop full of joy, fantasy, creativity, and interaction with each other.

I lead this workshop together with Erik Mjörnell, who is a musician, producer, and songwriter. He has most recently written all the music for Dare to Be and Indiana Star.

3. Tying it all together

I can come to you, or you to me. We work with song, dance, eurhythmic, attentiveness, and relaxation. We can work with different themes such as: the seasons, friendship, music and dance from other countries, song games, famous buildings, feelings, and traditions.

“Maria is a very warm, creative and inspiring person, filled with good ideas.
Her spontaneity and ability to capture the moment is impressive. Since Maria always has a goal and a purpose in what she does, the result is always meaningful and honest!”
Erik Mjörnell