Dare to be

I have a long history and extensive experience in working with people that have developmental disabilities. Since 1993, I have taught music, dance, and rhythm at the Lindeparken High School for students with special needs. I have been able to witness my students development as they have strengthened their self-image, improved their empathic abilities, and blossomed as artists.
I am driven by the idea that these people should have an obvious place in the cultural world. They have a unique ability to touch our inner feelings with their total honesty and genuineness.
I have recently produced the performances: Dare to Be (Class YTC Lindeparken) and Indiana Star (Mosaikteatern). Here are trailers from theses productions:

” She is full of ideas and the ability to realize them!” “She sees each individual’s ability and just what sort of challenges they are in need of.
Maria really has the ability to inspire youngsters with all her warmth, joy and commitment.”
Elsa Nilsson och Ingalill Sedvallson, Special needs teachers at Lindeparken High School