Gospel dance

I have developed a completely unique concept where the lovely movements inspired by West African dance meet Gospel music. A wonderful dance session full of joy and groove that suits everyone. After several years of dancing West African dance, I was given the opportunity to travel to Ghana for a drum and dance trip in January of 2009. After returning to Sweden, I realized how the African movements corresponded with Gospel music. I was also very influenced by dancing Ground dance with Carina Bagge.
In Gospel dance the movements are not choreographed, which means there is nothing to memorize, only follow the leader. The body learns the movements as they come. You can turn off your brain and feel free to just be yourself. The feeling is what is important. You also practice among other things; balance, co-ordination, body awareness, and the understanding of rhythm. The session ends with relaxation. No previous experience is required.
Gospel dance is suitable especially for choirs, but I will be glad to come to your work place or parish to present Gospel Dance and give you a free introduction.

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Comments from several Gospel Dance participants:

””No matter how tired I am before, afterwards I am floating on a cloud.””
” … insanely great fun and even sweaty = a wonderful combination.”
”The movements are just perfect for my stiff office body.”
“Dancing to gospel music is one of the most uplifting things I have ever done. My body feels lighter. I feel my senses are freer, and my heart happier after attending Gospel Dance.”
Maria Nordenback- Kress, gospel singer, song writer, choir director